• Liberal Bloggers to Axelrod — Stop the Hippie Punching

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    It’s amazing that the honeymoon has lasted this long.  Robert Gibbs has treated the liberal blogosphere and MSM only slightly better than he’s treated Foxnews, and we’ve all seen his rants against Fox.   The Obama administration has believed so strongly that they have the liberal media (new and traditional) at their beck and call, that they have been becoming more and more brazen about bashing them from the briefing room, while asking for their help off camera.  It appears that some in the liberal media have had enough.

    Moe Lane of Redstate brings us this gem, which once again highlights the Obama administrations ineptitude when dealing with the media, including the media that put Obama in the White House:

    Executive summary: David Axelrod conference-called lefty bloggers to beg for their help in the November elections (because they’ve been ever so useful so far in the 2010 election cycle); and apparently the lefty bloggers are feeling quite aggrieved and put-upon for being called upon to do as they’re bid. One even went so far to as to categorize the entire interaction between the Democratic establishment and the netroots in furtive, sexually shameful terms (one hopes that this… no, that’s too vicious a comment to make); apparently, this is something that happens often enough that it has the name of ‘hippie

    The point the bloggers were making is how the White House publicly criticizes liberal bloggers from Robert Gibbs’ White House briefing room pulpit, but then quietly asks them to support the President and Democrats up for reelection this fall.

    Things got ugly on the call between Axelrod and liberal bloggers when blogger Susan Madrak, apparently frustrated with Robert Gibbs recent accusations of liberal bloggers being too critical of the White House, shouted out “you want us to help you, the first thing I would suggest is enough of the hippie punching,” Madrak added. “We’re the girl you’ll take under the bleachers but you won’t be seen with in the light of day.”

    In typical Chicago tough guy fashion, Axelrod proceeded to mix it up with Madrak, and when Axelrod attempted to minimize her concerns she stated, “Don’t make our jobs harder”, to which Axelrod replied “Right back at’cha. Right back at’cha.”

    This type of exchange, and more importantly treatment of the very people that helped perpetrate the fraud that was “Hope and Change” on the American people, is all too common coming from the members of Obama’s inner circle.   They believe that they are so skillful that the “close of the moment” given today, will overcome the “bash of the moment” they handed out yesterday or last week.

    The Obama administration has gotten away with it up to this point, because Obama is THEIR guy.  The liberal blogoshpere and media put him in the White House, foregoing the duty of reporting the truth, in order to get a far-left, liberal President in the White House.  Now, they find themselves with the dilemma of continuing to blindly support the man they elevated to President, or report the truth regarding his broken promises and failed policies.

    Axelrod, Gibbs and company clearly believe that when push comes to shove, or hippie punching as we now know it, that the liberal blogosphere and MSM will continue blindly support President Obama’s agenda.  All they have to do is command their servants in the media to promote the party Obama line.

    To quote Sarah, “How’s that hopey changey thing working out for you?”

    3 Responses to Liberal Bloggers to Axelrod — Stop the Hippie Punching

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    2. GHughes
      November 2, 2011 at 2:23 am

      This president and his administration feel they are above reproach, therefore the mouth piece will continue to say what he wants, and the trolls will still do as they are told.

    3. November 12, 2011 at 6:56 pm

      Actually it is a tossup. Liberal blogs have been about as helpful as Democrats in Congress. That would be “not very” and “kicking and screaming”. Conservative blogs lie more about the President’s actual achievements. But the net effect of liberal complaint and lassitude has about balanced the scales. Meanwhile President Obama appears to win every battle despite the overreach of the right and the closet disdain of the left.

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