• Contrary to what you may have heard, the debate is NOT over on global warming

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    If you spend much time watch network news, or listening to the democrats in Washington or the Hollywood elite, you would be led to believe that the debate is over on global warming.  They claim that there is a consensus among the scientific community that not only is the earth warming, but it is primarily due to carbon emissions.

    The Washington Times reports on the tip of the Climategate iceberg:

    Contrary to the whitewash job conducted by propagandists, there are 450 academic peer-reviewed journal articles questioning the importance of man-made global warming. The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine has collected more than 30,000 American scientists urging the U.S. government to reject the Kyoto Treaty, which pushes draconian measures to reduce carbon emissions. Much hay is made of 2,500 United Nations scientists who back Kyoto, but there are many more scientists with Ph.D.s among the 30,000 skeptics than there are among the oft-cited 2,500, most of whom are government bureaucrats without advanced degrees

    You can see the 450 peer-reviewed journal articles at Popular Technology.net.

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